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Sexy… silicone? EXB check out Berlin’s ‘sexhibition’

Our reporter goes behind the scenes at Berlin's 2019 Venus exhibition to meet the man trying to put women out of business.

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Photo by Peter Treulieb. Sex doll entrepeneur Manfred Scholand on the future of sex and womankind.

Have women passed their use-by date? Living fossils wtih no reason to exist? Our reporter tests the theory at Berlin’s 2019 Venus sexhibition.

“Of course not,” says Manfred Scholand, 54. Scholand doubles as Real Sex Dolls’ mastermind. His Brockenblick-based business near Hannover rolls out 7000 male and female sex dolls a year. With sales skyrocketing. Scholand’s radar fixed on the market gap in the sex doll business in 2014. “The dolls in Hannover struck me as rudimentary. Prototypes. I realized dolls possessed growth potential,” says the 186cm, barrel-chested gentleman giant.

“Women have vibrators. What sort of toys do men have? None,” says Scholand. Scholand’s dolls fill the glaring gap in the forgotten art of masturbation. Even though 99 percent of the population doesn‘t masturbate and the other one percent lie, Scholand took the punt on reviving the lost art. “Women are independent now. They‘ve got vibrators. Sex-starved men have nothing. There’s a huge market potential. The cyber revolution has completely revamped the world of sex,” says Scholand. Long-term relationships are out. Short-term self-satisfaction in.

Scholand’s silicon dolls boobs wobble like jelly. His male dolls greet viewers with bride-busting standing ovations. “The dolls’ hair is human. Their eyebrows and eye lashes too. We‘ve got models for all tastes. The rounded, busty lady. The athletic vixen. Well-hung men. And pygmy cocks,” says Scholand.

Scholand‘s dolls range in price from €1300 to €1700. Sales span the globe. “Does the model have artificial intelligence and does she speak,” asks an Englishman. Scholand laughs at the idea of speaking during sex. “Better,” quips the UK visitor. “Forget artificial intelligence and vibrating digital vaginas. Do vaginas vibrate in reality?” asks Scholand. But definitely a promising market gap to be exploited. Scholand’s silicon vaginas look, feel, and work like the real thing. “Real women have a bright future,” says Scholand. A 24-karat gold stamp of approval from an entrepeneur hell bent on putting them out of business.