Prefab house of cards

Cabin Spacey hopes to provide the nomadic, Berlin hipster elite of the future with the prefab home of their dreams.

Image for Prefab house of cards

Have you walked from Südkreuz to Ikea lately? If so, perhaps you’ve noticed the sleek, Nordiclooking hut from behind the fence on Geneststraße. This little cabin is the brainchild of architects Simon Becker and Andreas Rauch, who, with their start-up CABIN SPACEY, hope to provide the nomadic, Berlin hipster elite of the future with the prefab home of their dreams (tip: what was funny in 2016 might just sound creepy in 2018). These mini homes are meant to be set up on rooftops all over the city to provide comfortable, centrally located rental space in an increasingly crowded Berlin. Made from organic materials and complete with hand-made crockery, jet-setting tenants could move in with a change of clothes and a toothbrush for a modest sum of between €600 and €800 per month. Not a solution to the city’s housing crisis, you say? Becker agrees, arguing that “delivering to a class of flexible users is just a lot easier.” If you want to check out this prefabulous box for yourself, drop by during its opening hours of 5pm to 8pm on Tuesday to Thursday and 12pm to 4pm on Saturday.