OUT NOW! Our MAY issue!

Take a spring trip – in Berlin! We've rounded up some of the best local getaways including a riviera walk, island hopping, time travel, kitsch excursions, intercultural wedding crashing and much more! Out now!

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No need to pack your bags, here there are plenty of ways to travel far without even leaving the city: from the insider’s guide to Landwehrkanal to the best of Berlin’s many islands, immersive time travel, a budget way to experience Turkey on a night out and more. Also in this issue: Plays not to miss at Theatertreffen, musical divinities to catch this month, a chat with Wes Anderson’s favourite character designer Félicie Haymoz and loads more!

RIVIERA LIFE A stroll among the most idyllic stretch of the Landwehrkanal

LIFE’S A BEACH From Berlin to Bali: Tropical Islands revisited

FIND YOUR ISLAND Five offshore destinations in Berlin

JOURNEYS BACK IN TIME History made interactive

WEDDING CRASHERS Turkey on a budget

BEST OF BERLIN Chinese kitsch, terrarium bliss, African reads and a hot Havel ride

Also in this issue…

BAUHAUS GETAWAYS Weimar and Dessau compared

VERBATIM: FÉLICIE HAYMOZ Wes Anderson’s go-to character designer

THEATERTREFFEN German-language theatre’s finest with English surtitles

GOD IS IN THE HOUSE The musical divinities gracing the city this month

10 YEARS OF QUEER The Gay Berliner looks back

BERLIN BITES Beyond Burgers and a fish-free fail

…And much, much more!

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