Rosa Lux reloaded! 100 years after Rosa Luxemburg's death, Exberliner rediscovers the vibrant woman and prophetic thinker behind the revolutionary Berlin icon, and what makes her inspiring for generations of women today. Out now!

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A hundred years after her death, Rosa Luxemburg is still a household name in Berlin. To explore the woman behind the icon (and myths), we spoke to an expert historian, took a tour around Rosa’s Berlin and found out about her surprising hobby and passionate private correspondence. On top of that, six Berlinerinnen told us what Luxemburg means to them today, and we uncovered the political reasons the GDR limited her cinematic visibility. Also in this issue: What to see at the 10th Unknown Pleasures film festival, some 2019 art highlights, the world’s first queer gaming exhibit, an interview with singer Alison Moyet and much, much more!

ROSA’S SECRET HERBARIUM The revolutionary’s secret hobby

WELL REMEMBERED? Historian Jörn Schütrumpf dispells the myths surrounding Rosa Luxemburg

MY ROSA Six Berlin women on what Luxemburg means to them today

LUXEMBURG’S BERLIN A biographical tour around the Hauptstadt

I WANT IT NOW!” The letters revealing the woman behind the icon

ROSA ON FILM Why she was but a cameo in East German film

Also in this issue…

UNKNOWN PLEASURES What to see at the 10th edition of the all-American film fest

CTM 2019 The brainy experimental music fest returns with an eclectic programme

BENNY CLAESSENS The star of Gorki Theater’s Salome on being missunderstood

BAUHAUS AND BEYOND Art shows and events to look out for in 2019

PLAYING THE RAINBOW The Gay Berliner on the world’s first queer gaming exhibition

BEST OF BERLIN Ice bathing, cacao highs, easy volunteering, recycled coffee and smartphone rehab

…And much, much more!

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