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  • Konrad Werner: Merkel’s anti-Nazi plan – encourage then condemn


Konrad Werner: Merkel’s anti-Nazi plan – encourage then condemn

Merkel has said she's against all the Nazi violence in Saxony. Maybe she could stop ignoring the situation before it festers up so badly?

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Photo by Marek Peters (Wikimedia Commons)

So now we know what it takes for Angela Merkel to speak out against Nazi violence. She needs to see an actual organized mob take to the streets doing Hitler salutes and attacking the police protecting refugees. Twice. After that happened for the second night in a row last weekend our tortoise leader wheeled out her “strongest possible terms” to point out that there is “no justification” for such violence.

Great, now how about doing something about it? Something that isn’t the same as the last plan. And the plan German governments used the last 27 times before that: ie, treat refugees like scum and court anti-immigrant sentiment among voters because the CDU in Saxony and the CSU in Bavaria is so piss-scared of losing voters to the NPD. The passivity of Angela Merkel’s government is intolerable.

Germany is taking in more refugees than many other European countries – though nothing like in proportion to its wealth and size – but it has failed to address the consequences of this, either in logistics, security or public education. Instead, Merkel’s administration has made calm, bleating noises while doing everything it can to make life in Germany as shit as possible for immigrants, vaguely hoping that it’ll discourage others from coming and conservative Germans will like her more. Then, when this predictably fails to make any difference, it decides all of a sudden to “condemn” Nazi violence. It’s so rubbish.

Heidenau was probably the most predictable riot that ever happened. Here’s another mainly white Saxony town where the NPD regularly scores double figures in elections, barely half an hour on the train from Freital and Meißen: two other places where groups of bald, bored drunkards who think that the reason why their lives are so shit is because the government is letting some people from the Middle East live in a disused DIY store with no showers and no money or clothes or a chance to find a job.

It’s only natural that Nazis exist. We can’t really do anything about it. Cancer exists too, and those insects that lay eggs under your skin so the larvae eat their way out. And tooth decay. But just like ignoring the pain because you don’t want to go to the dentist, the German government’s idea of an immigration plan is to ignore the festering Nazism in parts of Germany and shunt refugees there blindly and then condemn the inevitable violence in the hope that everything will be fine. It’s not fine. Nothing is fine.