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Konrad Werner: There is literally no point to PEGIDA

Everything that the anti-Islam protests in Dresden are demanding is already in place in Germany.

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Photo by Jasper Goslicki (Wikimedia Commons)

Oh my fucking Lord. I can’t believe I’m writing about this again. But once more, a group of Germans have contrived to make this week’s news about Muslims and then pretend, bafflingly, that no one ever talks about Muslims in Germany. THERE IS LITERALLY NOTHING ELSE IN THE GERMAN NEWS OR ANYTHING ELSE ANYONE TALKS ABOUT, but no, there the German people are again, in Dresden (and Bonn, and Kassel, and Munich, and EVERYWHERE), out on the streets DEMANDING that we talk EVEN MORE about Muslims, and integration, and asylum seekers. So here I fucking am again.

The name of the latest movement to have discovered this brand new, under-discussed issue is PEGIDA (which stands for Patriotische Europäer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes – “Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West”) who have been gathering in Dresden for the last eight Mondays to protest against… what? Well, on their Facebook page they outline their thoughts:

“We want NO VIOLENCE on our street, for example Hamburg or Celle!!! Our cities, villages, and communities are NOT places to carry out proxy or religious wars!!!”

Here they are referring to the street fights that took place between Kurds and Sunnis, who, according to the Cellesche Zeitung, were attacked with pepper-spray and batons by police. The police in turn “arrested several troublemakers.” So the police did their job.

“We will not accept ANY HATE from any kind of Salafists against ‘unbelievers’ ” This is illegal in Germany and any mosque that is known to have hosted a “hate-preacher” is under observation by intelligence agencies, as can be read in the Verfassungsschutz report.

“We won’t accept any ‘activities’ from IS, PKK, al Qaeda, or whatever they’re called!” Again, (apart from the fact that the PKK isn’t even Islamist, but whatevs) activities or even membership in any of these groups is illegal in Germany, and guess what? People who carry out Islamist attacks GET ARRESTED.

So what exactly are you so pissed off about? What are you demanding? “We demand of OUR judiciary an exhaustion of ALL legal means against self-declared ‘jihadists’ and hate-preachers.” Which it is – according to this report, the German justice system is “stretched thin” with the number of jihadis it is currently processing.

But that ain’t enough is it? Well, luckily people who don’t like Muslims are currently setting the political agenda in Germany. The conservative parties are DESPERATE FOR YOUR VOTE. They are pitching for you! This week alone, the CSU offered to try and ban immigrants from speaking anything other than German in their own homes, and the CDU brought up the idea of a burqa ban AGAIN. And the AfD threatened to sue people who were offering shelter to illegal immigrants. You are spoilt for choice about who to vote for, and two of the parties who have brought up these ideas ARE IN THE GOVERNMENT! You’re winning!

Oh, I forgot, there’s all that liberal, politically correct media hampering freedom of speech and trying to pretend that not all Muslims are evil. The German media is full of bleeding heart rags probably being paid by the Ayatollah, like Focus magazine, who did a cover called “The Dark Side of Islam,” and Der Spiegel, who did a cover called the “Jihad Cult.” There’s clearly plenty of reading material for you to get through there before you go off on the streets again.

If you don’t like Muslims and you think their religion is evil, fine. Maybe you’re right, who the hell knows. But stop pretending you’re some persecuted minority whose views aren’t represented in mainstream politics or the media. Chill out! IT’S NEARLY FUCKING CHRISTMAS!