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  • Konrad Werner: If you really want to ban the burqa…


Konrad Werner: If you really want to ban the burqa…

Go ahead and ban burqas, but then can we get on to an issue that affects our lives?

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Photo by RAMA (CC BY-SA 2.0 FR)

Seeing as we’ve decided that “Western values” means banning things that annoy us even though we never see them anywhere and most people don’t know exactly what they are, I’ve made a list of things that annoy me that I have actually seen and which affect my mental state/bank account.

Maybe the CDU would care to pick up one of these causes and try and win my vote – think of my pen hovering over their box:

Things I think we should ban:

  • Middle-aged CDU politicians explaining about how much gender equality is so much a part of German society but then not mentioning any other feminist issue ever. They were all against Heiko Maas when he wanted to ban sexist advertising, for example. Maybe we could bring in a law saying that if you release a press statement against burqas you have to think of one other feminist issue and say something about it? The Nocheinfeministischesthemagesetz.
  • Pegida marches.
  • Approving arms deals with Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, Israel, the Peshmerga, and then closing borders, expanding the list of safe countries of origin and deporting more people. We should make a law banning all arms sales to countries fighting or sending weapons into warzones.
  • The police murdering people and getting away with it.
  • Hedge funds buying up property and renovating it unnecessarily to drive up rent.
  • News outlets making a huge noise reporting everything the police tells them as fact – the Eisenhüttenstadt “Islamist terrorist”, the Artemis mafia brothel – and then quietly mentioning in passing a few days or weeks later that all suspects have been released because there was no evidence against them after all.
  • Things that are causing massive climate damage: for example, all private cars in inner cities except for people with children or disabilities.

Sure, go ahead and ban burqas if that’s what it takes to make you stop going on about it, but then can we get on to an issue that actually affects our lives? Any of the above will do.