Girls’ toys

La Luna is a sex shop done right. Inviting and arousing! A wide selection of teasing toys, luscious lingerie and dirty DVDs to satisfy all your needs. Men, women, straight, gay, whatever.

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Photo by Sigrid Malmgren

Screw the quotas: real women’s empowerment starts with our right to enjoy sex at least as much as any man. For almost 10 years, La Luna has been catering to fun-seeking, sex-eager Berlinerinnen with an endless collection of sex toys, DVDs, erotic literature and magazines, raunchy lingerie and other steamy playthings.

You can find a nice selection of vibrators and dildos in all price ranges (from €7.50, up to €275 at the high end), as well as manifold geisha balls (some of her best-sellers), and even bio-lubricants and edible bio-massage oils. Owner Sabine Tolksdorf is also a bit of a Prenzlauer Berg Dr. Dot, always available to answer your questions, make recommendations and educate the clueless female with her savvy and sex books.

There is a very lesbian-friendly soft- and hard-core porn DVD collection, and for the true kinkettes out there, there’s a selection of fetish gear, whips and handcuffs. Women of all sexual persuasions, men and couples welcome; La Luna is the perfect neighbourly alternative to the slick, fashionista vibe of sex mega-stores like Fun Factory.