EXBERLINER’s January issue

OUT NOW! "The VINTAGE BERLIN issue" – the EMPRESS of VINTAGE, duping DONORS, wacky COLLECTORS, as well as a look at the GLOBAL STONE controversy.

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The Vintage Berlin issue is now here!

Inside this month’s issue:

TAPE HEADS A handful of cassette devotees that are giving the newest vintage audio medium a second life.

THE EMPRESS OF VINTAGE Without a fashion museum proper, Germany’s largest and most beautiful private collection of vintage fashion is the lifework of a charismatic East Berliner, ruling her empire of vintage valuables housed in a Brandenburg Schloss.

PRIVATE MUSEUMS We open the doors to six obsessive Berlin collectors as we check out their eccentric private hoards.

SECOND HAND SCAM What is your local shop keeping secret? The trade of second-hand clothes is a very secretive business that begins at that container down your street.

BERLIN’S BEST VINTAGE The complete vintage guide. No need to spend a minute longer sifting through the dross – Exberliner has found the vintage diamonds in the rough.


If you’re mad about vintage, then save the dates: January 19-21 for Berlin’s First Vintage Fair, Toast & Jam!

BEHIND THE PRINT Each month Exberliner will focus on a story that’s making headlines in other parts of the world. This month: the ‘world peace’ project that has Hugo Chavez railing against Berlin.


Interviews with David Wnendt, director of Kriegerin, questions for  singer Katie Stelmanis of Austra and a look at the legendary Hansa Studios.


From bowler hats to two-tone spats, take our BlitzQuiz to find out which vintage era calls your name.

Start your new year with style – Berlin’s vintage Bible is here!

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