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Ask Dr. Dot: supersized sausages and tiny twats

Our sexpert answers your most intimate queries.

Q I recently moved in with my boyfriend of four months. I know it seems rather fast, but we adore each other and want to save rent money. Before I moved in, we only had sex two or three times a week and it was perfect. Now he wants to ride me every night, and since it’s his flat I moved into and he is older than I am, I kind of find it hard to decline. It’s to the pointwhere my pussy is starting to become sore from the nightly poundings he gives me. I don’t want to hurt his feelings or reject him. I would be grateful for any cool ideas you can throw my way. -Vulnerable Vajayjay

A Time to have a chat with him. Humor and timing are crucial for such a conversation. It’s best to avoid bringing it up in bed: try discussing it while out for a walk or while grocery shopping, so it’s not right before or after sex. Just come right out and say “Honey, I need a vaginacation.” Make light of it. Tell him you really love shagging him but how about quality, not quantity. There are other ways, obviously, of getting him off, but letting him know your personal/ sexual boundaries sooner rather than later is very important. If you keep it funny and suggest other things to do (games, films, sports, massages) and remind him it will be worth the wait (once or twice a week ensures ravenous sex), he should be fine with that. It’s your pussy: you can make the rules.

Q The bird I have been seeing has had three kids already (she is a cougar and I am only 22). She is extremely uninhibited in bed and that is why I keep going back to her – such nasty, raunchy sex. I don’t mind that she is older or has kids, but I am either too small for her pussy or else her pussy is too big for me. There isn’t enough friction. I read somewhere that ladies can have such operations to make their twats tighter, but she is far from wealthy. How can I make a dent in this situation? I feel like I am fucking a can of paint most of the time – but she is so fucking sexy, I adore her. -Mighty Mouse

A It’s best to avoid mentioning vaginal rejuvenation operations as that would probably get you cut off from the exciting trim. Have her lie on her stomach, enter her pussy as deep as you can get in there, then ask her to squeeze her legs tightly together while you put your legs on the outside. Tell her to maintain that grip, make sure you don’t slip out, and she should feel like a virgin again (this works with her on her back, too). Another variation you can try is to have her put a couple fingers in her cunt (nails must be cut) while you fuck her. If done correctly, this feels amazing for both partners, as her fingers can rest on her clit while for you, the fit feels much tighter. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Q I am 20 years old and have two problems with my girlfriend of nine months. First is that she says I am to big – as in, it hurts her when we have sex, or so she tells me. I don’t think I’m too big. She is very tight, though. I am about eight inches long and almost six inches around. Second problem is that she doesn’t want to have sex because I take too long to cum. It usually takes me about 30 to 45 minutes to cum. She cums three to four times within 20 minutes and then she says it’s too intense for her to continue. How can I cum quicker? I barely wank off, and it’s becoming a problem. We broke up once already and I think this is why. We had sex and made up everything’s been okay since, but we are not having enough sex (again) and I only wank once every two or three days when we are not fucking. -Young Gun

A There is no such thing as a penis being “too big” (that’s like saying “that mountain is too big to climb”). She should count her blessings; a man who is “too large” and who takes too long to cum? Please. She will be searching for such a man in a few years if things do not work out between the two of you. Try using lubrication to help slide your massive sausage into her tiny twat. By the way, wanking off daily is good for you. It keeps your pipes clean and keeps you in tune with your ejaculation rhythm. If you want to cum quicker, ask her to blow you: this will (a) give her snatch a rest, and (b) if done correctly, make you cum faster. And when she cums first during intercourse, she can still wank you off or blow you. It sounds like she just can’t keep up with you. Just relax: having a massive cock that just don’t quit is a GOOD thing.

Q I met a new bloke last month and fell head over heels for him. He just seems too good to be true. He is a party promoter, so he could get me in free to events, but he doesn’t. He is very good looking (he is 29 and I am 23). He is hard to figure out. I have no proof, but feel like he is playing around with me (he does this hot and cold game). In your opinion, how can a girl tell if she is being played? I don’t want to come out and ask him – I have read before in your column that that’s a bad idea. But give me some tips please, so I don’t blow it or get made a fool of. -Clever Catalina

A “It’s in his kiss” just isn’t thorough enough these days. So look out for things like (1) he always has his mobile on silent, hidden, locked, stashed away, (2) one day, he wants to talk for ages and texts you often, then for the next few days, he is missing in action without any explanation or regard for your feelings, (3) he avoids inviting you to parties thrown by his friends, or always brings you to secluded (a.k.a. romantic) places where no one will know him, (4) he is always too busy to see you on weekends, (5) he carries large amounts of condoms around with him (one or two are standard, but a whole box screams “PLAYER!”), (6) he talks WAY too much about other women (exes, friends etc). The bottom line is, you should be able to feel it if a man is crazy about you. If you can’t, then he probably isn’t. Gut feelings are seldom wrong.