A WG feeding frenzy

Looking for a room? Next Wed, Nov 19, head over to Süß war gestern for a flurry of activity that just might solve your housing (or romance) problems. If you're trying to fill a room in your own WG, prepare to be the centre of attention.

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You step in tentatively, unsure if you’re walking into some weird version of speed dating where you immediately move in with your new-found boo. One of the organisers may even be so helpful as to point out a “hot roommate” for you, should you be in the market. Rest assured though, with Roommate Speed Dating there is no dating element (unless you want there to be): it’s just a name that stuck. Here’s how the free fortnightly event works: At the door you’re greeted by a host who gives you a sticker indicating whether you’re looking for a room or offering one before letting you loose to mingle and find your perfect roomie match – this can later lead to some awkward moments as you find yourself squinting in the dim light at strangers’ chests.

“We were looking for new ideas to improve the market,” says host Steven Sredzienski on the event’s origin. “It is certainly tough in Berlin and people really get tired of writing tonnes of emails with no response.” Originally held at Holzmarkt but now moved to Friedrichshain bar Süß war gestern, the event’s number of room seekers will always outweigh those offering them, so if you’ve got a room prepare to feel more desirable than you ever have – you even get a free beer. Fun tip: Become Mr. Popularity by wearing a “When do you move in?” sticker, watch how eager eyes turn on you from all around while you’re pointed out to companions, wait for the vultures to descend, then brace yourself for their bitter disappointment when they find out you’re full of shit.

Roommate Speed Dating, every other Wednesday 20:00 | Süß war gestern, Wühlischstr. 43, Friedrichshain, S-Bhf Ostkreuz.