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Playing sequencers the human way: Die Türen’s Maurice Summen

VERBATIM! Ahead of their new album and concert on Oct 12 at the Volksbühne, Die Türen's Maurice Summen talks sustaining old-school vibes while making music with computers for new album Exoteric.

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Photo by Markus S. Fiedler. Catch Die Türen at the Volksbühne on Oct 12, 21:00.

How do you sustain old-school jam session vibes when making music with computers? Die Türen’s Maurice Summen on the making of their new album Exoteric.

“Everybody wants to be childish in a way when it comes to music. We come from the 1980s, that’s when we all started playing music anyway. Drums, guitars, normal rock stuff . That’s what everyone was doing, but we were always into everything else. Electronic music, disco music, and when we are playing together all of that comes out of us. Our music is kind of a hybrid of everything we have ever heard. For example, it used to be you could have a new wave or post-punk bass-line, or those krautrock drums with a real human edge and you had to get all those instruments connected to each other. Nowadays, when you are looking for that modern sound, you have to get connected to the machines too. So when we were making the new album we wanted to play those sequencers and drum machines in a human way. To bring those 1980s and 90s experiences forward. There is a kind of magic in the computers, and we had a lot of fun recording the album with them in Ringenwalde, but the human connection is always really important for us. Myself, our bass player Ramin, and our guitar player Gunter have been playing together since we were teenagers and it’s always fun. You can imagine when you are lost somewhere in Brandenburg, in the Uckermark, jamming with your friends for six hours a day, and the kind of music that comes out. That’s really how this one got made, and that energy is reflected in the album.”

Die Türen | Volksbühne, Mitte. Oct 12, 21:00.