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Verbatim: Jackie Charles

To record their debut album Future Fantasies, Kaja Bremnes and her band Jackie Charles ventured to The Scorpions guitarist Rudi Schenker’s countryside mansion.

Jackie Charles

“It’s pretty much in the middle of nowhere. A Beverly Hills-like mansion in a tiny German village with big gates, Buddha and leopard statues, a huge light show at nighttime, a big studio in the basement with a giant heavy metal drum kit, and platinum records on all walls. We went there for little over a week. By day two we had maybe one or two of 11 songs, and, with all these platinum records looking down on us, we were like, ‘Oh no, what are we doing? Why did we choose to go into music?’ It was like looking into a different world, but you know you’ll never be a part of it. You just don’t have a ‘Wind of Change’ hit on your hands and all of a sudden become insanely rich. Today, you can live off music, and you can tour maybe if you’re lucky, but that’s also the best we can hope for. Overall it was an amazing experience, and it also helped us with the record and its vibe. We now have these huge heavy metal drums that don’t necessarily fit with our music, but I figured it made it just a little bit more interesting. It did change our sound, and I’m really thankful that we were able to do it there.”

Jackie Charles & Friends Apr 11, 19:30 ACUD, Mitte