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Silvesterave! (As you like it)

Whether Silvester is an occasion to pat yourself on the back for 2014's accomplishments or to drink away the lack thereof, a glass of sekt will undoubtedly be in hand at midnight... but where? Here are our fave spots where Berlin beats ring in 2015.

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Photo by Butz.2013 (Flickr CC)

Another year has come and gone and you never did get around to writing that piece for The New York Times style section about how your boyfriend (now-ex) is pioneering Central European vegan chilli. Time to dance off the disappointment. 

If the €139 dinner at Clärchen’s Ballhaus doesn’t slice your sausage, it’s only €65 at Kitty Cheng (as a bar, maybe it’s all finger food).

And there’s always that other pole of East German decadence, Berghain, which mostly features regulars such as DJ Pete and Tama Sumo. Gretchen focuses on its specialty – post-jungle derivatives, with Black Sun Empire and Neonlight. Ritter Butzke wishes you all a Hippy New Year, with Einmusik, Il Civetto and Tigerskin performing live along with a dozen others DJing, with a similar group – Tanith, Mike Wall, Mitja Prinz, et al – at Suicide Circus. There’s more of that techno you don’t wish to avoid with Lützenkirchen and Daniel Boon at M-BIA, while Humboldthain Club fans out its Allstars, like Steven Tang.

No techno for you? The indie-riffic Karrera Klub DJs and their various progeny bring a Pop Explosion to Magnet.

If you prefer a bit more culture, even Radialsystem V is hosting a DJ: Letizia Renzini. Grüner Salon pretends to be Bassy, with DJ Lobotomy, Man Tanzratte and friends bringing a night of Spacy Stardust Sleaze, though on Dec 30 Bassy will also pretend to be Bassy, with Jungle Giulia and Golby Surround.

Who will you pretend to be in 2015?

All over the city, check specific websites for information.

Originally published in issue #133, December 2014.