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Sweet ’16

Party-hungry Berlin is gearing up for another deafening Silvester, and either through fireworks or the plethora of parties, you're gonna get it. We can't account for the explosions, but we can help you decide where you can bang. Happy New Year's!

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From decadent mass entertainment in former bus depots to MP3 DJ-dominated dive bar shenanigans next door, as usual December 31 brings all the city’s venue owners to squeeze out one last drop of creativity to throw a memorable event to lure the party-hungry New Year’s crowd.

Ritter Butzke invites you to its annual electro-heavy Hippie New Year with Digitalism and others behind the DJ booth.

Electro, house and minimal dominate Chantal’s House of Shame at Bassy.

You want a bit more analogue Abwechslung musicwise? Schwuz caters to pop and retro fans with Gloria Viagra and other club regulars behind the decks, and SO36’s music choice is, shall we say, very democratic this year with a focus on the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s.

Since Magnet Club is history, the Karrera DJs moved on to Bi Nuu with their indie-laden setlist, whereas Roter Salon’s New Year’s concept is a refreshing ‘oldies but goodies’ approach.

You’d rather be the entertainment? Monster Ronson’s Ichiban Karaoke gives you a chance to hop on stage, sing and sparkle.

If you prefer the cosy ambiance of an airport hangar, you’re just one Cristal shower away from sheer happiness at Arena Berlin with optional “flying food” and a long list of genres to cater to your dancing needs.

And if food is mandatory for you to get you out of the house but you prefer it a little smaller, Mondo Klit Rock Club will take over Schneeweisschen & Rosenrot and throw a decent dinner-plus-party there. The choice is yours…