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Kosmonaut: Spacing out

Getting to Kosmonaut may feel like a trip to outer space, but it's only Lichtenberg. The newish club has been making respectably-sized impressions on the club-goers of Berlin since 2012 proving the star trek is worth it.

Image for Kosmonaut: Spacing out
Photo by Gabriella Seemann

You know you’re committed to clubbing when you see the Lichtenberg sign and pedal bravely forth. And the caravans of party pilgrims that form hours’ worth of sweaty queues into the far east’s latest club prove that you’re not alone.

Since opening its doors at the end of October 2012, Kosmonaut has already garnered a large and refreshingly mixed following, drawn by solid line-ups (shout-out to the likes of Tim Xavier, Fabian Reichelt and Dirty Doering) good sound and the relaxed post-carnival, pre-reality atmosphere.

Employing the laissez-faire interior decoration endemic to Berlin, a wooden plank-flanked entrance leads into a warren of indoor rooms including a small but serviceable dancefloor, bar and, behind a sly curtain, a cosy, couch-filled nook for those moments of repose.

Heading outside – where you may or may not be greeted by some zealous nouveau-Berliner who will smear your face with silver glitter slime and confetti – you enter a spacious sprawl of whimsical party ground, with high raked wooden seating overlooking a sail-covered second dancefloor and bar. A row of stalls, occasionally used to house makeshift shops and curiosities, snake around the corner leading to another dusty and bunting-clad stage area in the eclectic constellation of spaces that they intend to transform into a cultural complex.

Within easy strides of Frankfurter Allee and Ostkreuz, the new – if only – kid on the block looks to stand its ground on the club scene, and is at least a worthy refuge while you bide your time till the next Sisyphos messiness.

Originally published in Issue #118, July/August 2013