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  • Soft Pattern’s ‘Second Best’ is pure 90s rock nostalgia

Album Review

Soft Pattern’s ‘Second Best’ is pure 90s rock nostalgia

Soft Pattern's sophomore album 'Second Best' is serving up modern grunge with a heavy dose of nostalgia. ★★★★

Photo: Soft Pattern

Resembling the sound of Sonic Youth albeit with standard-tuned guitars, Berlin noise-rock outfit Soft Pattern serve up a slab of modern grunge indie fuzz-rock on their sophomore record.

Across the album, the trio riff about the societal burden of being middle-aged Berliners – and what better way to tackle your feelings than forming a power-rock trio with your mates?

Throughout Second Best, by showcasing their obvious influences, the band evoke feelings of nostalgia for early 90s rock. Filled with feedback, melancholia and moderate rage, Soft Pattern are neither soft nor is this second best.

With a sound that has come to define their shows, they can only be described as old-school rock behemoths. ★★★★

  • Out May 24