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REFLUX – Festival for Contemporary Electroacoustic Music

REFLUX - Festival for Contemporary Electroacoustic Music is back for its third and final part from December 10-13. Don't miss out!

Lawrence English. Photo: S Simpson

In its third and final part, “REFLUX – Festival for Contemporary Electroacoustic Music” will present three international artists and composers each on three evenings in December. The program will include a balanced mix of composition commissions/premieres, existing works and rarely performed classics. These will be adapted to the acoustic and spatial realities of the venues or composed especially for them. The musicians invited by the two festival directors Ignaz Schick and Werner Dafeldecker all have an individual sound and formal language and are rarely heard in Berlin. Three concert parts of 30-40 minutes each will be performed per evening: two contemporary positions and one classical. You can expect established viewpoints as well as rarities and discoveries.

Jasmine Guffon. Photo: Camille Blake
Lasse Marhaug. Photo: unknown
Mario Bertoncini. Photo: Carlo Ferraroni

Jasmine Guffond will play live electronics via a sound system with four loudspeakers. She is interested in the interplay between human and machine action. Three pieces by Mario Bertoncini will be performed largely on original instruments, including one of his circular aeolian harps (Ø 1m). Lasse Marhaug will premiere a multi-channel version of his latest album “Context” (2022). Recorded over a period of two years, the piece is a balance of chaos and order.

Sean Meehan will perform an untitled piece for snare drum and cymbals. The techniques he uses to create sounds are unstable and dependent on physical factors such as room size, humidity and a variety of less tangible, sometimes mysterious factors.

Rainer Riehn The Songs of Maldoror (Les Chants de Maldoror) from 1874 is the only work by the French poet Lautréamont that exerted a major influence on modernist literature, namely Surrealism, and is considered one of the most radical works of Western literature. Jérôme Noetinger discovered the ReVox B77 tape machine in 1987 as a tool for his live electroacoustic music and established himself as one of the most important contemporary composers and performers of this medium. He makes stunning multi-channel diffusions in the acousmatic tradition.

Sean Meehan. Photo: Bryony McIntyre
Jérôme Noetinger. Photo: Yannick Siegel
Rainer Riehn. Photo: Timm Johannes Trappe

Lawrence English’s composition “A Mirror Holds The Sky” was recorded in the Amazon in the summer of 2008 and contains over 50 hours of field recordings, which have been condensed into an intensely dynamic and deep sound field. “Roland Kayn’s icy, otherworldly electronic landscapes have always been somewhat at odds with the world of contemporary composition … His work is far removed from the passive, unobtrusive world of ‘ambient’, but his penchant for long duration, drone-like textures and exploration of space as timbre are undeniable common features.” Source: Soundohm Diane Labrosse performs an improvised, slowly evolving soundscape that takes soundtracks she has created over the last 25 years, breaks them down into musical events and remixes them together with textures and synthetic sounds.

Diane Labrosse Photo: Céline Coté
Lawrence English. Photo: S Simpson

Roland Kayn. Photo: Unknown

REFLUX – Festival for Contemporary Electroacoustic Music – Part 3

10.12.2022Uferstudios, Badstraße 41a in 13357 Wedding

  • Jasmine Guffond: »New Work« (2022)
  • Mario Bertoncini: »Scratch-a-matic« (1970/1971), »Istantanee I« (1995), »Istantanee II« (2006), Performance und Diffusion: Simone Pappalardo
  • Lasse Marhaug: »Context« (2022)

11.12.2022Amerika-Gedenkbibliothek, Blücherplatz 1 in 10961 Kreuzberg

  • Sean Meehan: »Untitled Work« (2022)
  • Rainer Riehn: »Chants De Maldoror« (1965-1966) Diffusion: Roy Carroll
  • Jerome Noetinger: »New Work« (2022)

13.12.2022 Theater im Delphi, Gustav-Adolf-Straße 2 in 13086 Weißensee

  • Lawrence English: »A Mirror Holds The Sky« Diffusion: Werner Dafeldecker
  • Roland Kayn: »Tanar Part 1» (1984) Diffusion: Henrik von Coler
    Diane Labrosse: »Elements of Choreography« (2022)

Concert at 8 pm, Doors 7.30 pm, except AGB starts 2 pm and is free of entrance.

Tickets: 15/10 Euro – Evening box office only

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