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Rave the Planet 2023: the techno-event is coming back

Rave the Planet, Berlins techno parade, is coming back for another epic street party.

Rave the Planet, the successor to the legendary Love Parade, will take place again in 2023. On July 8, our capital will once more celebrate electronic music in typical Berlin fashion – with a massive outdoor rave.

The Rave the Planet Party 2022 in Berlin. Photo: Imago/Christian Ender

Parade and protest for electronic music

Rave the Planet – brainchild of Berlin DJ and organiser Dr. Motte – will take place for the second time in 2023. It’s more than just an excuse to party all day, the parade is officially registered as a political protest: “We demonstrate for the preservation of electronic music and club culture and the recognition of its cultural and social achievements and peace,” states the Rave the Planet website.

A tragic history

The parade has a tradition: from 1989 to 2010, the event was known as the Love parade, initiated by artist Danielle de Picciotto and Dr. Motte. What started as a small parade organised by the West Berlin techno scene, quickly grew into a major commercial event over the years that gained international fame. After Dr. Motte sold the rights to the festival in 2006, it moved to the Ruhr region in Western Germany. In 2010, disaster struck: during a mass panic that ensued in a narrow underpass, 21 people died and 652 were injured, some of them seriously. As a result, the event was discontinued.

The rebirth: Rave the Planet

Last year, Dr. Motte set out to revive and rebrand the event. According to the organisers, 300,000 people attended Rave the Planet. In 2023, “at least the same number” is expected.

Photo: IMAGO / Virginia Garfunkel

Starting on Ku’damm, 25 vibrantly decorated trucks equipped with heavy-duty speakers will slowly make their way to the Brandenburg Gate. The aim is to showcase the greatest possible variety of electronic music. Clubs, festivals, party crews, labels, booking agencies and artists can book their own so-called “float”. Cultural professionals can apply until February 28 on the event’s website.