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Party like it’s 2002! Exberliner turns 11!

Two days till you get to party like grown-ups at our birthday on June 15 at Urban Spree. Dance with Legs Akimbo and stay out late with quirky songstress Mary Ocher and Your Government, and hang with house badass Elbee Bad and the Pod Orchestra.

Image for Party like it's 2002! Exberliner turns 11!
Photo by Miguel Lopes

Exberliner has reached its tweens, but instead of a tantrum, we’re throwing a party, a party like it’s 2002.

Only there isn’t any place left from 2002 to party.

Our first impulse was to pull a John Hughes and take over one of Berlin’s copious fancy new flats while someone’s parents are out of town, but we were fortunate enough to hook up with Berlin’s latest attempt at recapturing its past glories: Urban Spree.

Arrive early to recapture your youth with free shots. Stay late and dance to the glorious clatter of Team Plastique’s The Legs Akimbo Show as your first crush, anti-antifolkster Mary Ocher and Your Government as your student president and house music badass Elbee Bad and the POD orchestra as your bad influence.

Plus Exberliner DJs Shiner and Walter Crasshole to bully your sister and shake you down for your lunch money – or at least your €5 entry fee. Fortunately there should be some free eats, so there’s no reason to tell your parents where you got that black eye…

EXBERLINER TURNS 11! Sat, Jun 15, 22:00, €5| Urban Spree

Originally published in Issue #117, June 2013.