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Interview: Eugene Hütz

In the 1990s, he spearheaded the Russendisko sound; now, Madonna's a fan. The frontman of Gogol Bordello […]

Music & clubs

Interview: Rufus Wainwright

On May 19, Rufus Wainwright took to the Volksbühne's stage with his new album, "All Days Are […]

Music & clubs

Interview: Shantel

In the 1990s, electronic DJ Stefan Hantel (a.k.a. Shantel) followed his roots to Romania. Now, his "Bucovina […]

Music & clubs

“Where are those sounds coming from?”

Yeasayer, whose synth-rich sound has brought comparisons to Animal Collective and TV on the Radio, is currently […]

Music & clubs

Interview: Angie Reed and Eric D. Clark

The singer/performance artist/Peaches-video-maker Angie Reed and disco-plus DJ/vocalist Eric D. Clark have launched “To love you”, a […]

Music & clubs

A chat with… Dan Deacon

Baltimore-based avant-garde electronic musician Dan Deacon won't define love. He's back in town playing Schwuz on Feb […]


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