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A chat with… Felix Kubin

INTERVIEW. Like Kraftwerk's short-panted son that can't be taught his table manners, Dadaist techno-pop visionary Kubin has […]

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Five questions for Oh Land

INTERVIEW. Danish ex-ballerina, Dave Sitek collaborator and "Renaissance Girl" Oh Land pirouettes atop Magnet on Tuesday, November […]

Music & clubs

Elephant talk: Lisa Germano

INTERVIEW. Singer, multi-instrumentalist and Michael Gira fave Lisa Germano conjures up a seductive blend of painful beauty […]

© Falk Wenzel [Paul Hübner, Philipp Kullen, Daniel Seminara]

Coming back in April at last: WASTED LAND at Radialsystem Berlin | 18 – 20 April

We are delighted to be returning to the Radialsystem from 18 to 20 April 2024 with our […]

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Bergen rules, Oslo drools: Kakkmaddafakka

INTERVIEW. The Erlend Øye-produced Norwegian ska-pop outfit Kakkmaddafakka manage to transform live orchestral chaos into something convincing […]

Music & clubs

Drill sergeants

INTERVIEW. Having pioneered art-punk, synth-pop and industrial music in their 35-plus year career, post-punk conceptualists Wire have […]


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