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LA is my lady: Julia Holter

INTERVIEW. Californian multi-instrumentalist Holter talks influences, live performance, and inspiration taken from far-off places. She brings her […]

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Six questions for… Grimes

INTERVIEW. Grimes, aka 24-year-old Montreal-ite Claire Boucher isn’t afraid to show off her more mainstream influences.

Music & clubs

“We’ll be angry old men”

INTERVIEW. Brandon Welchez and Charles Rowell of Crocodiles have become an irrepressible duo. The San Diego-cum-New York […]

Music & clubs

Raw food for thought: Andre Williams

INTERVIEW. Starting with his run as a singer in mid-1950s Detroit, the history of Williams might well […]

Music & clubs

Shit Bushwick says: Friends

INTERVIEW. The five-piece’s post-1980s disco-pop fuses R&B wet dream-dripped synth, solid rhythms and earworm hooks with babes […]

Music & clubs

A chat with… Pelican’s Bryan Herweg

INTERVIEW! Bassist Herweg on Grayson Currin, electronic influences, and making it up as they go along.


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