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Selling in: Jay Shepheard

INTERVIEW. John “Jay” Shepheard’s back catalogue exposes a penchant for recalling eras past. Now two career milestones […]

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Seven questions for Aidan Baker

The Berlin/Toronto-based guitarist/composer/poet, best known for his work in Nadja, takes his latest, more song-based missive, Already […]

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Chatting with the jackal: Conor O’Brien of Villagers

O'Brien gnawed the bones of indie rock with “Becoming a Jackal” but it’s taken a few years […]

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Swiss talks to Miss

The Swiss-born Sophie Hunger chats with Miss Kenichi about her rarified path in music and her new […]

Music & clubs

“German is a relatively inconvenient language”

This, from Tocotronic, the foremost representatives of poetic, German indie rock? They've succeeded thus far. The concert […]

Music & clubs

Sex riots! Hanin Elias and Electrosexual

Ex-Rioteer Hanin Elias and producer Electrosexual get set to demolish the house on Friday (Jan 18) with […]


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