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A chat with… Maxïmo Park

INTERVIEW. Emerging on a wave of guitar-led pop bands mid-oughts, Maxïmo Park, featuring vocalist Paul Smith and […]

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Barry Burns’ gift to Berlin

Mogwai keyboardist Barry Burns didn't intend to perform in Das Gift – he aimed to own it. […]

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Berlin is stained: Stephen Malkmus

INTERVIEW! Once-upon-a-Berliner Stephen Malkmus waxes poetic and nostalgic about P'Berg and Portland with D. Strauss. Flip your […]

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2013: A Top 10 Records

D. "Decks Berliner" Strauss delivers his annual appraisal of 2013's album output – in the usual preferred […]

Music & clubs

A little news from ƱZ

INTERVIEW. At the helm of the trap scene is a man shrouded in a carefully guarded mystery […]

Music & clubs

Bye bye, bb: Mardi

INTERVIEW. Saying goodbye to the band, singer/guitarist Jochen "Doc" Wenz also sighs on music's value nowadays. As […]


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