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Bringing buzuk back: Jerusalem In My Heart

Radwan Ghazi Moumneh and Charles-André Coderre are Montreal audio visual duo JMH. On Oct 20, they fuse […]

Music & clubs

Creamcake’s crop

Looking for some arty with your party? The 3hd festival won’t disappoint. The Creamcake kids put on […]

Music & clubs

Metal machine music: Wir sind die Roboter

INTERVIEW! The robots are coming! New festival Wir sind die Roboter fills the Musikbrauerei with the mind-warping […]

Music & clubs

Musikfest: Classics with a bang

The beat goes on at this year's Musikfest. For 19 days the classical music festival gives the […]

Music & clubs

Melodica: Call for action

Berlin-born singer-songwriter Paula Tebbens gives her two cents on why it's Copenhagen and not Berlin for folk […]

Music & clubs

Hating music Fearlessly

INTERVIEW! Death in Vegas frontman Richard Fearless certainly fits his moniker. He dishes on everything from the […]


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