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Genre-benders: Xiu Xiu

INTERVIEW! American experimental group Xiu Xiu brings their wondrously varied arrangements to town Thursday (May 4 at […]

Music & clubs

Free at last

No, Free! Music isn’t free. The title of HKW’s first music festival since its February reopening comes […]

Music & clubs

Let the piano play itself

Hauschka, the German composer and recent Oscar nominee (Lion) talks about harnessing the power of the Disklavier, […]

Music & clubs

Rösinger returns

INTERVIEW! After a six-year hiatus from song-writing, veteran musician Christiane Rösinger makes her comeback at Hebbel am […]

Music & clubs

The march of time

Maerzmusik, the Berliner Festspiele’s ever-more-ambitious “festival for time issues”, brings us the best in obscure contemporary music […]

Music & clubs

Unfolding paths: Eva Reiter

INTERVIEW! Austrian composer, singer and musician Eva Reiter returns to Maerzmusik (Mar 16-26) with a performance of […]


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