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Unfolding paths: Eva Reiter

INTERVIEW! Austrian composer, singer and musician Eva Reiter returns to Maerzmusik (Mar 16-26) with a performance of […]

Music & clubs

Lifelong immigrant: Mary Ocher

Tel Aviv-raised, Berlin-based singer Mary Ocher talks politics, building walls and her brand new album The West […]

Music & clubs

The Kyngz of Deutschrap: Antilopen Gang

INTERVIEW! Antilopen Gang, the feuilleton's favourite rap group are back with a new album – punk-influenced "Monarchie […]

Music & clubs

Soundtracking the future

Berliner and hardcore-industrial pioneer Alec Empire (Atari Teenage Riot) shares his thoughts on scoring the not-so-faraway German […]

Music & clubs

Leaving the DJ name behind: Phillip Sollmann

Phillip Sollmann (aka Berghain's DJ Efdemin) goes from the club to the avantgarde with the premiere of […]

Music & clubs

Bringing down the house

Dutch electro avant-gardist Thomas Ankersmit explains infrasound, the inaudible frequency range featured in his CTM piece Infra […]


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