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Raising the baton

Whether old, new or way-out, orchestral and contemporary music fans will get an earful this month with […]

Music & clubs

Keeping the soul alive: Max Weissenfeldt

INTERVIEW: The Polyversal Souls are heading to HKW's Wassermusik X, where they'll support Ethiopian jazz legend Alemayehu […]

Music & clubs

Aperol spritz-drinking punks: Gurr

INTERVIEW! Hometown duo Gurr talk about tour tribulations and give us their best summer tips. You can […]

Music & clubs

Turbulent times, imaginative responses: Molly Nilsson

INTERVIEW: The Swedish singer takes her newly optimistic and dreamy sounds on an Imagine Summer Tour around […]

Music & clubs

Water, water everywhere

This summer at Haus der Kulturen der Welt’s Wassermusik X, the world will literally become your oyster. […]

Music & clubs

Saved by the Germans: Emperor X

American musician Chad Matheny, aka Emperor X, on surviving testicular cancer, owing the hospital €30,000 and being […]


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