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Why a “Down Syndrome Jew”?

Coming “home” to Lido Mon, Nov 20, Aussie synth-pop maestro and frequent Berliner Alex Cameron speaks about […]

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Three questions for… Leroy Burgess

INTERVIEW! The "Miles Davis of Boogie" lands in Berlin for a live band performance at Prince Charles […]

Music & clubs

Christmas for vampires: Berlin Halloween 2017

Make the most out of the long weekend with five days' worth of frights, freaks, tricks and […]

Music & clubs

Jazzfest: Jazz without borders

Ready for a world of jazz? From the genre's roots in the US to its far-flung offshoot […]

Music & clubs

Keeping the jazz alive

Berliner Festspiele's Jazzfest is kicking off Tue, Oct 31, but for those who don't know, Charlottenburg used […]

Music & clubs

More than just Manchester: FITH

INTERVIEW The post-punk poets of FITH tell us the difference between Manchester and Berlin before their show […]


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