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When girls rock…

INTERVIEW: Ever wondered what happens when 96 girls aged 16 to 30 spend a week together at […]

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“I still want a relationship with Europe”

INTERVIEW: Ahead of opening this year's UK-themed Wassermusik festival at HKW with his Brexit Big Band, Matthew […]

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Riding the summer music festi-coaster

From Friedrichshain to rural Poland, from techno to violins: whatever you’re after, this festival season has you […]

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Summer festivals at a glance

You just want a simple list? Here you go...

Music & clubs

Violence boy: Patrick Wagner

Upon his return to the stage, Patrick Wagner of noise rock band Gewalt talks about the cruelty […]

Music & clubs

Berlin’s finest at Torstraßen Festival

From folk rock to piano pop, minimalist dance music and DJ sets, Torstraßen Festival covers all bases […]


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