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Eclectic improv for all: Jazzfest

Apart from a focus on Chicago and Europe, US guitarist Mary Halvorson shapes this year’s Jazzfest as […]

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Got beat to those November gig tix you really wanted? Don’t despair, chances are there is another […]

Music & clubs

Ditch the routines! 3HD

From techno to rap: the eclectic 3hd festival returns Oct 23-27 with a characteristically genre crossing line-up […]

Music & clubs

Canon contenders

Who deserves to be part of the cultural pantheon, the ultimate hall of fame? This month Berlin […]

Music & clubs

Verbatim: Julie Miess of Britta

The bass player of Berlin indie pop outfit Britta on their spontaneous 20th-anniversary tour. Britta hits Festsaal […]

Music & clubs

Subliminal discomfort: Get Well Soon

Alarmed by the steady AfD presence in his neighbourhood, Konstantin Gropper poured his angst into a dark […]


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