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Throwing the spotlight on bass culture

Starting on Thursday (Apr 18), festival The Only Good System Is A Soundsystem at Radialsystem V celebrates […]

Music & clubs

Berlin’s electro bard: Dagobert

INTERVIEW! Berlin-based crooner Dagobert is getting ready to promote his new album with a concert at Lido […]

Music & clubs

Verbatim: Jackie Charles

To record their debut album Future Fantasies, Kaja Bremnes and her band Jackie Charles ventured to The […]

Music & clubs

Scoring big time

If film music is your thing, you’re in for some serious gems as composers take their work […]

Music & clubs

Taking apart time: Jennifer Walshe

Composer Jennifer Walshe on researching the concepts and sounds of time for her new opera, celebrating its […]

Music & clubs

MaerzMusik: Our picks

The 2019 edition of Berlin’s “festival for time issues” focusses on nothing less than the making and […]


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