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Critic’s choice: Top 5 gigs for November

Catch Patti Smith - for free! As the city celebrates the Fall of the Wall, our music […]

Music & clubs

The Sound of DDR punk in four concerts

From Planlos to Pankow, what’s left of the DDR's infamous punk scene? Well from Nov 4 to […]

Music & clubs

Quest for the meaning of music: Dice Conference

Kicking off Oct 31 through Nov 2, this year's Dice Conference, a festival dedicated to female, trans […]

Music & clubs

Critic’s party tip: The low-down on WAYS

VERBATIM! Ahead of their much-anticipated party at Griessmühle on Oct 10, we spoke to WAYS residents and […]

Music & clubs

Playing sequencers the human way: Die Türen’s Maurice Summen

VERBATIM! Ahead of their new album and concert on Oct 12 at the Volksbühne, Die Türen's Maurice […]

Music & clubs

Critic’s choice: Top 5 gigs for October

Not up for the Ariana Grande big-ticket this month? Have no fear, our music editor picks out […]


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