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Top picks for the Tehran Contemporary Sounds Festival

The first edition of Tehran Contemporary Sounds Festival kicking off Dec 6 through Dec 9 at Kunstraum […]

Music & clubs

Antifuchs talks battle rap ahead of Berlin gig

VERBATIM! Ahead of her show at Musik & Frieden on Dec 8, Kazakh-born Berlin-based rapper Antifuchs tells […]

Music & clubs

Critic’s top 5 gigs for December

Our music critic's top picks of the month! Don't miss the gothic synth and forbod­ing lyricism of […]

Music & clubs

Gents on taking chances ahead of Internet Explorer gig

Ahead of their show at Internet Explorer Prenzlauer Berg on Nov 26, Niels Fejrskov Juhl of Gents […]

Music & clubs

Sudan Archives on her influences before her Säälchen show

INTERVIEW! Playing at Säälchen on Nov 12, Brittney Denise Parks aka Sudan Archives talks her new album […]

Music & clubs

K-jazz close up: JazzKorea

JazzKorea takes over stages across Berlin kicking off Nov 14 through Nov 17 with an eclectic mix […]


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