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Roman Flügel’s Berlin: “It will be back full force.”

You might not know it, but this legendary Frankfurt house producer quietly moved to Berlin a few […]

Music & clubs

Kosmostage festival co-founder: “Get out of yourself”

We speak with Grégoire Simon of The Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra, the beloved Berlin group throwing this […]

Music & clubs

Jazz, hip-hop and a “drag cow”: The best debut LPs by Berliners in April

As Berlin crawls towards reopening, we highlight three records that reflect the best qualities of our city’s […]

Music & clubs

With clubs closed, some ravers struggle to cope

One year after Berlin shut its dance floors, some clubbers are feeling withdrawal symptoms. We speak to […]

Music & clubs

Spring sounds: Three digital music festivals to catch this month

Three forward-thinking online events help make March the best month for live music since the pandemic began.

Music & clubs

Mogwai’s Barry Burns: “Everything’s terrible, but at least we can laugh.”

Over the last 25 years, Glaswegian icons Mogwai have made some of the best post-rock around. Fresh […]


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