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EXB’s guide to Berlin music festival season 2021

From forest raves to cutting-edge pop, our music editor runs through the events that should be on […]

Music & clubs

The best open-air music this July and August

Things are looking up for Berlin’s music scene, as promoters throughout the city unveil plans for a […]

Music & clubs

Fête de la Musique 2021: More than music and mojitos

This city-wide festival has always had a special place in the heart of our music editor, who explains […]

Music & clubs

Dancing ban: When will Berlin’s Senat pay attention to clubs?

More social distancing rules have been relaxed and have even allowed indoor dining to resume. Once again, […]

Music & clubs

“We felt so free”: Thomas Fehlmann on 30 years of Berlin techno

We catch up with the pioneering producer about his early days connecting our city’s fledging scene with […]

Music & clubs

HUSH: Berlin’s empty dance floors – a photo series

A recent photo book captures Berlin's clubs without the people – and shares the stories of the […]


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