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Deutsches Theater Trilogy: A new stage for music

Deutsche Theater Trilogy will showcase an often underappreciated form of art: stage music.

Moment in time

When David Bowie completed his Berlin trilogy

In May 1979, David Bowie released Lodger and brought his legendary Berlin trilogy to completion.

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Why the closure of Just Music marks the end of an era in Berlin

Just Music, once European's Largest Music Store, closed its doors back in March. What does this mean […]

Music & clubs

Krake Festival 2024 announces its lineup

Krake Festival is usually one of the most exciting and unusual music festivals in Berlin - and […]


Lucy Kruger on her new album A Human Home

We spoke to South African musician Lucy Kruger about her new album and performing with vulnerability.

Music & clubs

Moderna: The time is now

Seven years in the making, Moderna's debut album is finally here: The Future Among Us.


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