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Other dimensions: Lucrecia Dalt

Experimental sound artist Lucrecia Dalt hits the Heroines of Sound Festival (Dec 8-10 at HAU 2) with all-new music and maybe even a parallel universe on December 10.

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Photo by Catalina Perez

Experimental sound artist Lucrecia Dalt hits the Heroines of Sound Festival with all-new music and maybe even a parallel universe.

The Colombia-born Berliner’s piece Interfolds incorporates found phrases from technology that have become banalities in our modern existence. She’ll be performing it on Saturday, December 10 at HAU’s three-day tribute to female electronic music pioneers.

What’s special about Heroines of Sound?

They made a conscious decision to give visibility to women, but it doesn’t feel forced or like they are trying to be PC. I respect that they are able to create a festival that has political and ethical thought behind it, but still comes from a place of really wanting to create a quality experience. Their hearts are in the right place, and I think it shows. They schedule events in a way that you can see everything – you can have a conversation and a smoke and prepare yourself to take in the next act.

Who are you excited to see?

I’m especially excited for Beatriz Ferreyra. She works a lot with tapes, so I’m extremely curious to see how that translates to a live performance. Last year, I really enjoyed the listening sessions. It sounds silly to sit in a venue and just listen quietly, but it’s actually quite rare to experience tracks on such a powerful sound system and in such a concentrated environment. I really appreciated the meditative atmosphere.

What’s your process like?

I usually work alone, but recently I’ve been collaborating with visual artist Regina de Miguel. She pairs texts with film and I create the audio content from running bass riffs and vocals through synthesizers. Lately I’ve been inspired by the idea of displacing texts – for example, the phrases which appear when we reboot our phones or computers, and replacing words such as “device” with “brain” – basically reworking phrases we are so accustomed to having around. It’s my way of creating another dimension that’s familiar but parallel.

Are you inspired by other art forms?

I’ve learned a lot about how sound works through cinema. A filmmaker has to make so many decisions about how each movement will be made audible. I got to work in a studio for a little bit, creating sounds and putting them into films to create an entirely new texture. Being able to see first-hand how sound affects the whole project is something that has stayed with me.

Heroines Of Sound Dec 8-10, HAU2, Kreuzberg, see website for full programme