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On Our Radar: Kris Baha

A key force in Berlin's electro scene, Kris Baha has just launched a brand new project inspired by dystopian sci-fi.

Kris Baha is a regular fixture at some of Berlin’s best music venues. Photo: John Rohrer

Kris Baha has been steadily building a strong reputation as a key force in Berlin’s darkwave electronic scene. Over the years, he has evolved and solidified his sound, melding elements of industrial, EBM and electro to form a distinct style. 

His energetic live shows have enabled him to traverse the line between producer and performer, and he’s as at-home playing a dark, sweaty club as a he is on a concert stage – Baha is a regular fixture at the likes of Tresor, RSO and Cocktail D’Amore, as well as Urban Spree, where he hosts the Wired party series. 

He’s as at-home playing a dark, sweaty club as a he is on a concert stage

Baha’s own way of describing his sound feels informed by his life as a queer man living in Berlin: “Mutated industrial body music for the proud mutant generation”.

He delves deep into all of the subgenres nestled under the industrial umbrella – synth/ post-punk, dark Italo, wave, IDM and EBM – and he’s even bold enough to stake a claim to a genre of his own making: ‘cyber body music’. 

Ghosts In The Machine is Baha’s brand new project, and it might well be the crowning culmination of his journey in music. The backstory and idea is joyous. “I am presenting it as a future sci-fi inspired concept that is set in two timelines: a future looking back to the now, correcting our society before the AI take-over strips away our souls, becoming Ghosts In The Machine,” he explains. 

In an adept split-personality inspired sleight of hand, Baha will be his own bandmate: “I will be collaborating with futureself for the upcoming releases as it’s meant to be myself in the future trying to warn me, my soul from the machine.” With a full Ghosts in the Machine album due out this year, our dystopian tech future is about to get the perfect soundtrack. 

Hometown: Melbourne, Australia 

Perfect for fans of: Nitzer Ebb, Ministry, Identified Patient 

Check out: His latest single ‘Nothing is Real’