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November in hip-hop: Our top six concerts

With Berlin amid a rap frenzy, attracting stars from across the globe to play in the capital, our music critic gives a rundown of November’s finest hip-hop concerts.

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Photo by Alexandra Howard 2018. Catch Gaddafi Gals Nov 8, 19:00 at Badehaus, Friedrichshain.

When it comes to music in the German capital, you’re spoiled for choice. Everywhere you look, there is a concert covering everything from Bach to beats. Yet, one scene that is criminally overlooked by the English speaking cohort here in Berlin is rap and hip-hop. Undoubtedly one of the most significant musical influence in the city right now, Deutschrap is a reflection of the thriving diversity of Berlin’s music scene at large, and an indicator of the complex dimensionality of the city’s make up. It’s not just German stars that are thriving, though, as hip-hop has often come to represent a testing ground in which many are challenging preconceived notions of what it means to be german and breaking down cultural barriers. With the city amid a rap frenzy, attracting stars from across the globe to play in the capital, we thought it was high time for a rundown of November’s finest hip-hop concerts.

Ocean Wisdom

The heir apparent to the throne of UK Hip Hop. Swelling with lyrical intricacy and delivered at break-neck pace, every single one of his bars goes hard. 

Nov 6, 20:00 at Bi Nuu, Kreuzberg

Pharaoh Monch

Your favourite rapper’s favourite rapper. Monch has a lot more in his locker than just ‘Simon Says’. His flows achieve levels of effortless complexity, of which most rappers could only dare to dream.

Nov 7, 20:00 at Gretchen, Kreuzberg

Gaddafi Gals 

The debut album of Slimgirl Fat, Blaqtea, and producer Walter P99 Arke$tra – Temples is a hazy blend of Deutschrap angst and vertiginous west-coast beats. One of the lesser-known must-see acts of the German scene.

Nov 8, 19:00 at Badehaus, Friedrichshain

Injury Reserve

The fact that the Arizonan trio’s first album received enough hype enough to pull guest verses from the likes of Freddie Gibbs should tell you something about this alt-rap outfit.  Wonky beats are backed up by aggressive melodies that belie a profound social message. Injury Reserve are part of the face of the new-school of conscious hip-hop.

Nov 17, 20:00, at Berghain, Friedrichshain

Ghostface Killah

Probably the biggest name on this list and not without reason. Ghostface is a legitimate legend, and all hip-hop fans should flock to see the Ironman in action. Known for his unassailable flow, cryptic slang, and hard delivery, no one has ever attacked the mic quite like him.

Nov 19, 19:00, at Columbia Theater, Tempelhof

Slowy & 12Vince

The Deutschrap duo of Slowy (lyrics) and 12Vince (instrumentals) have a rare talent for simplicity in a genre that often overplays its hand in the name of hype. That’s not to say that the pair don’t have party tunes, a quick listen to their newest Dejavu will set that idea to rights, more that they craft their songs with a level of care worthy of remark.

Nov 29, 20:00, at Cassiopeia, Friedrichshain