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My perfect Berlin weekend: Marie Tippex-Duncan

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Marie Tippex-Duncan is the founder and booking-mama of European music agency Julie Tippex. She spends her days tending to her bands based in Berlin, Paris and London. Here are her tips for a rockstar weekend.


18:00 My weekend starts whenever beers become more important to me than emails. Who doesn’t like San Remo (Falckensteinstraße 46, Kreuzberg)?

20:00 A show at Marie-Antoinette (Holzmarktstraße 15-18, Mitte), West Germany (133 Skalitzer Straße Kreuzberg), Schokoladen (Ackerstraße 169/170, Mitte) or Bang Bang Club (Neue Promenade 10, Mitte). Only good, loud bands.

2:00 When the vans are loaded with the gear, we bring our artists to play Kicker in one of the Neukölln’s edgy local bars. Check out Supersonic (Weichselstraße 15, Neukölln) with their weird white dog.


12:00 Most of the musicians are still asleep and totally useless. I bring those who have showered to brunch at Villa Rixdorf (Richardplatz 6, Neukölln).

16:00 Second-hand shopping tour of Flughafenstraße and Weichselstraße in Neukölln combing the Trödelmarkt. I always find really weird stuff there: Smurfs or oil paintings of guys with hard-ons. And most of my furniture.

19:00 Home cooking and washing the band’s clothes. I’m now totally certified in bass player underpants. The secret is to do it with love.

22:00 Mellow home party with hubby, eyes staring into eyes, until we receive a text from the band – their hotel in Cottbus fell through.


4:00 The band arrives, eventually.

12:00 High heels in the corridor suggest the band didn’t come back alone. I didn’t know there were girls in the band…

15:00 Everyone still asleep, apart from the high heeled-girl who is smoking all my remaining fags. I’ll send the first guy who wakes up to shop for dinner at one of the Turkish markets around Karl-Marx-Straße.

20:00 Nice meal all together, listening to music and chit-chatting tour stories. Until next weekend!