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My perfect Berlin weekend: Jason Forrest

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Jason Forrest is one of the founders of Network Awesome curating the online annals of obscure.


10:00 Coffee and a croissant at Bonanza Coffee Heroes

12:00 My two-year-old son Max sleeps for a few hours – time to relax and watch whatever’s on Network Awesome.

15:00 Off to YamYam for a Korean pancake!

16:00 Head to Hamburger Bahnhof and afterward, pop into the on-site Sarah Wiener Cafe for a sweet-treat.

18:00 Grab some food at Mitte Meer and cook at home.

20:00 My wife and I watch a Kurosawa film and fall asleep early.


10:00 Up early, then off to Fortuna’s Feast.

12:00 We walk back up to Kreuzberg along the canal before bringing Max home for a nap.

15:00 A visit to the zoo. Grab a sausage at Schleusenkrugs  afterward.

18:00 Meet friends at The Bird.

22:00 Head over to Chez Jacki  after for a drink and some music. Continue on to karaoke at Monster Ronson’s.