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Month of Contemporary Music: Avant-garde sounds and sonics

Curated by Field Notes, the Month of Contemporary Music is a showcase of groundbreaking music and experimentation.

Microtonal pioneers. Photo: Cristina Marx PHOTOMUSIX

The Monat der zeitgenössischen Musik (Month of Contemporary Music) is back with a hefty programme packed with over 80 concerts, presentations, workshops, installations and networking events across the city, curated by Field Notes. The magazine, platform and cultural institution is the go-to source for contemporary and innovative music, and the festival is a showcase of that work.

This year offers a juggernaut of groundbreaking music and experimentation, with an assembly of thought-provoking, avant-garde sounds and sonics, performed in Berlin’s opera houses and concert halls as well as independent spaces and clubs. There will also be art, musical theatre, classical concerts and Echtzeitmusik (improvised music). Kicking off the month are the low-brass ensemble – and microtonal pioneers –  Zinc & Copper.

Other highlights include pianist Kate Ledger, vocal ensemble Ekmele, experimental Berlin-based noise artists Hiccup, as well as Magda Mayas and Nicolas Collins, who will debut new solo and ensemble pieces for trumpet and piano. Regular Berlin mainstays Rabih Beaini, Witch ‘n’ Monk and Mouse on Mars also have their own events during the festival for those looking for something closer to home.

British pianist Stephen Grew will close the event, tickling the ivories and displaying his talents in the field of improvisation.

For lovers of new and funky music, it’s sure to be a September to remember.