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Long live Maria!

Mediaspree claims a victim as Club Maria closes its doors for the last time in the wee hours of May 22. Join in the existential festivities the first three weekends of this month, featuring acts both classic and modern.

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Photo by Sigrid Malmgren

Mediaspree claims another victim this month as Club Maria closes its doors for the last time in the wee hours of May 22. Maria opened in 1999 in the old Postbahnhof building before moving to its second location – in the former Deli, immortalized by Nick Cave’s performance in Wings of Desire – in 2002.

This month the club with the upside down “T” is celebrating its last moments even as owner Ben de Biel searches for the next location for the city to shut down – one wonders if property developers even bother to do their own research or if they just cut to the chase and check Resident Advisor instead.

Join in the existential festivities the first three weekends of this month. Featuring acts both classic and modern like cigarette-scarred Mancunian Mark E. Smith and the Fall, Ableton agitator Robert Henke in his minimal Monolake mode, and Big Beat survivors Dub Pistols.

The last night has a huge list of artists playing at three different stages: Ritalin-core duo Modeselektor are kings of the night, but with acts like Thomas Fehlmann (refugee of the Ocean Club and Palais Schaumburg), Shitkapulter Apparat and the confetti-covered party planners Birthday Party Crew, including Jason Forrest and Mr. Oizo, rounding it out, it’ll be hard to peel your skin entirely off before dawn.

Club Maria Closing Countdown

7.5.11 23:00 Format B, Oliver Koletzki, Lexy, Sascha Breamer, Markus Kavka, Thomas Benedix, Simina Grigoriu, The Cheapers, Martin Books, Tyler, Miss Pink, Dura, Ericexon, Marcus Mahler

12.5.11 21:00 The Fall, Low Sweet Chariot, Doc Schoko, DJ Lobotomy, visuals by Safy Sniper

13.5.11 23:00 Monolake, Orphx, TR101 aka DJ Pete & Sleeparchive, Adam X

14.5.11 23:00 Exercise One, Lizzara & Tatsch, Marcio Kantana, Thomas Schumacher, Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner, Jake the Ripper, Tom Clark, Savas Pascalidis, Gunnar Stiller, Andreas Henneberg, Emerson, Holgistar, Haito, Namito, Daniel Boon, Mitja Prinz, Dirty Doering, Oliver Tatsch, Match Hoffmann, Alle Forben, Kottlet & Zadak, Heckler & Koch, Marco Fender, Ralph Ballschuh, Kanzler & Wischnevski, Leevey

19.5.11 23:00 Dub Pistols Soundsystem feat. Barry Ashworth & MC Sir Real Tanith, Vela, Tim Thaler, Arzt & Astma, Ed 2000, Soulhunter, Rollin Thunder, Multimat Allstars DJ Team, Basskim, Stephan Krietsch, Jack Torrance & Jepet, Fleck ESP, visuals by e-gruppe und Sangare MP

20.5.11 23:00 Alexander Kowalski, Abe Duque, Tok Tok, Gebrüder Teichmann, Onze, Bankok Impact, Guido Schneider, Haito, Tim Thaler & Fost, Daniel Boon, Plastique de Reve, Adam X, Suzi Wong, Oliver Ton, Dirk Leyers, and more.

21.5.11 23:00 Modeselektor, Thomas Fehlmann, Deadbeat, Das Bierbeben, Fenin, Apparat & Skate, T. Raumschmiere, Barbara Preisingewr, Strobocop, Daniel Meteo, Dirty Döring, Phon.o, DJ Maxximus, Mackjiggah, GI Disko, Birthdayparty Rave, Duran Duran Duran, DJ Donna Summer, Driver & Driver Marius Reisser, Mr Ouzo, Lil’Jean, Unkle T, em//e, sly1, Jacob Richter, Prodomo, Max Montana, Enforcer, Ries, Leo Cubanero, Emanuel Eisbrenner, Mary Jane, and more.