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Twisted synththers: Joyce Muniz’s Zeitkapsel 

Joyce Muniz's newest release Zeitkapsel weaves together classic house, acid and 90s drum & bass sounds for a seriously club-ready album. ★ ★ ★ ★ 

As a queer Latin American woman in the club scene, Berlin-based producer Joyce Muniz’s story is a fairly unique one, and through this introspective, club-ready album, aptly named Zeitkapsel (time capsule), the Brazilian-born artist delves deep to express her identity. The record blends together acid, classic house sounds, boom bap beats, and even some old school, 1990’s drum & bass (Amen!). It’s a diverse mix that fuses together twisted synths and vocals from Muniz and her crew of trusted collaborators. 

It’s a diverse mix that fuses together twisted synths and vocals

Born in São Paulo, before coming to Berlin by way of Vienna, Muniz has found home on many local imprints, including Get Physical, International DeeJay Gigolo and Exploited. It’s been seven years since her last LP, Made In Vienna, and since then, much has changed for the artist-producer – especially where she calls home. Zeitkapsel really works best when it highlights parts of Muniz’s repertoire we haven’t seen before: ‘Never Brushing The Sound’ featuring Le3 bLACK; the aforementioned drum & bass roller ‘Bangalore Girl’; and ‘Arrivederci Bella’, featuring Muniz swinging and swaying with her native Portuguese tongue.

The record concludes with the elegant sunset trip-hop ‘Tempelhof’, an ode to everyone’s favourite former airport. It’s a dreamy closer that concludes her time capsule as the producer looks out across her current home, Berlin. ★ ★ ★ ★ 

  • Out April 14, release by Joyce Muniz Music.