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Expatriarch Generations: Join hands

Generations, the four-night series in which established Berlin artists take emerging ones under their wing, is back for round two with Christiane Rösinger and Normal Love. Don't miss another meeting of the musically-minded at Schwuz on July 17.

Image for Expatriarch Generations: Join hands
Left to right: Christiane Rösinger and Normal Love’s Ben Kaan and Pauline Boudry. Photo by Merja Hannikainen

Expatriarch’s Generations returns on July 17 at Schwuz with Christiane Rösinger and Normal Love.

Round two: fight! Wait, don’t fight: get together! Expatriarch, the Berlin-based radio programme founded in 2010, is back with the second instalment of this year’s Generations series. Generations is a four-part series in which an established artist chooses a newcomer to take under their wings and collaborate with for a night of local legend-making. May saw Aérea Negrot and Longopus building bridges and entertaining the nightlife masses. This time around you can catch Christiane Rösinger as she joins forces with her pick, Normal Love.

Rösinger, a name since the 1990s with her bands Lassie Singers and Britta, makes music today as a solo artist. She has written three books and contributes to several newspapers in Germany. On top of that, she hosts the popular local talent night Flittchenbar at Südblock where hungry indie fans can catch artists like Jim Avignon (who illustrated Exberliner’s very first cover way back when) or Jens Friebe and many more.

Pauline Boudry and Ben Kaan as duo Normal Love communicate normal to the world. Taking their name from a shared love of 1960s cult director Jack Smith (Flaming Creatures, Normal Love), the origins are rooted in Berlin lore; first meeting in Nina Hagen’s former rehearsal room. The two are putting their danceable indie sound to record this year, so get a taste of what’s sure to be greatness this Friday.

You can watch both acts in conversation in a video directed by Stefan Fähler here (in German). Teutonic skills or not, enjoy both acts as well as DJs Joey Hansom and Lauren Flax, in a series that is as important as it is exciting.

EXPATRIARCH: GENERATIONS, Fri, Jul 17, 23:00 | Schwuz, Rollbergstr. 26, Neukölln, U-Bhf Rathaus Neukölln