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The Exberliner Pirate Night!

Our Wednesdays at Burger presents a panel discussion: Anke Domscheit-Berg, Jan Hemme and Robert Levine, join us to look back on what the Piratenpartei has achieved in the past year and where they plan to go next. Wed, Oct 27, 21:00 at Kaffee Burger.

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Photos of Domscheit-Berg by Christian Vagt

Exberliner Wednesdays at Burger presents a panel discussion (in English):

The Pirate Party after one year in the Berlin Parliament 

Our panelists: ANKE DOMSCHEIT-BERG (Piratenpartei), JAN HEMME (Piratenpartei), ROBERT LEVINE (journalist)

On September 18, 2011 the Pirate Party celebrated its greatest political victory so far: winning 8.9 percent of the vote in the Berlin state elections and 15 seats in the Berlin state parliament. The Berlin Pirates rapid rise attracted media attention from around the world. The new Pirate parliamentary group got to work on October 27, 2011. One year later, what have the Pirates achieved? How has the Pirate Party changed? What do they stand for? And what are their future prospects?

We’ll be discussing the Pirate Party and some of their key issues – internet freedom, intellectual property, open government, “Liquid Democracy”, transparency – with our three panelists:


Anke Domscheit-Berg (interviewed in the October issue of Exberliner) joined the Pirate Party in May (after many years in the Green Party) and hopes to run for the Pirates in the 2013 Bundestag elections. She has worked as a consultant, journalist and campaigner with a focus on issues such as greater female participation in business, open government, open data and transparency.


Jan Hemme is a spokesperson for the Berlin Pirate Party’s Working Group on Enterprise and the Environment, and has provided strategic advice to the party’s Federal Executive Board. He authored the Pirate Party’s successful motion in the Berlin State Parliament to create a resolution on the EU’s Data Protection recast. He works as a consultant for strategic communications.


Robert Levine is a Berlin-based American journalist. His latest book is “Free Ride: How digital parasites are destroying the culture business and how the culture business can fight back”. He previously worked as Executive Editor of Billboard Magazine in the U.S. and has written for publications like Wired, Businessweek, the New York Times, Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair.

Join us to particpate in what will surely be a passionate debate on one of the most interesting and controversial political movements of our time. 

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Kaffee Burger, Wednesday October 24 20:30, Torstraße 60, Mitte, U-Bhf Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, Entry €2