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Deutsches Theater Trilogy: A new stage for music

Deutsche Theater Trilogy will showcase an often underappreciated form of art: stage music.

Photo: Naked Records

If you think stage music is just the soundtrack to Phantom of the Opera or some other musical theatre production, you’re unfortunately misled. It’s not your fault, though – stage music is an under-appreciated and an oft-overlooked art form.

The music that accompanies theatre productions is an integral part of the shows and contains boundless creativity, but perhaps because it usually only exists in that larger context, it doesn’t get the full attention and appreciation it deserves.

Well, Grammy-nominated composer-producer PC Nackt and publisher Sophie Blume are out to change this stage of affairs with their new imprint, Naked Records. The label is dedicated to putting stage music centre stage and celebrating the work of the composers. For its launch, Naked Records is releasing a Deutsches Theater Trilogy, a series of three soundtracks that accompanied award-winning productions from recent years.

The first release is the music for Elfiriede Jelinek’s Angabe der Person, written and performed by PC Nackt, and will be out in mid-May. Releases two and three will come out in July and September respectively, so start collecting now.

  • Angabe der Person is out May 17