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  • Daði Freyr – I Made An Album: Authentic, absurd pop

Album review

Daði Freyr – I Made An Album: Authentic, absurd pop

It's hard not to love the absurd pop and endless modesty of Icelandic Euro star Daði Freyr.

What’s not to love about the Icelandic Euro-pop star Daði Freyr? Embodying a unique style that’s both undeniably authentic and absurd, Freyr’s music is more than just kitschy fun; it’s the very definition of what pop music should be.

Freyr’s international acclaim blossomed through his performances at the Eurovision Song Contest (covering Atomic Kitten, no less). Here, the world was introduced to the singular 6’9’’ star in his trademark sweater, adorned with an image of his digitised face. With a soft and low vocal delivery, Freyr croons along to a new and brash style of Europop, one influenced by modern greats such as Daft Punk and James Blake.

Displaying an endless amount of modesty from the get go, the album kick starts with an ode to gratitude, the track ‘Thank You’. “I thank you for being here, lending me your time,” he sings throughout. It’s as if he’s humbled by each and every listener. This is carried throughout the record and especially on ‘I Want It’, a song in which he explores his career with a dry and deadpan tone.

With nods to classic disco, house and cold-wave, the producer flaunts his musical dexterity, and even toys with drum and bass on ‘Bitte’, an ode to his new home in Berlin. “Ich spreche sehr gut Deutsch, Ich liebe euch meine Freunde,” he sings on the chorus. Berlin loves you too, Daði.

  • Daði Freyr, I Made An Album, Out Aug 25